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Georg Stool with sealskin upholstery in 80 one-off versions. Skagerak now presents the new black Georg Stool in a limited edition upholstered with sustainable greenlandic sealskin. The Sealskin Stool is produced in a limited series of 80 pieces, each with its own unique character due to natural variations in the sealskins.

Greenlandic seal hunting is 100% sustainable, as everything from the animal is used for either food or skin production. Seal hunting remains Greenland’s most important export trade, and the marine hunting grounds sustain this proud people, as they have for centuries. The greenlandic seal population is growing, and culling is necessary to maintain a sustainable fishing trade. A full-grown seal eats 17 kilograms of fish a day, so sustainable hunting is a natural necessity and a gift for the world’s biggest island as well as an essential export trade for the greenlandic community.

“Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm’s new black version of the Georg series is a perfect match for the mottled grey sealskin. We are proud to support the Greenlandic Hunters by selling their sealskins in this way, where everyone has a unique story to take home and a very special piece of furniture,” says CEO Jesper Panduro.

A certificate of origin guarantees that the sealskins are sustainably sourced by Greenlandic Inuit

Georg Stool Black Seal – Limited Edition

Design: Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm
Materials: Black-painted oak and natural Greenlandic sealskin
WxDxH: 45x32x45 cm

EUR 449,00
GBP 399,00
NOK 3.895,00
SEK 4.195,00

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