Skagerak vinder international designpris

Skagerak wins
international design awards

The Danish design company Skagerak has been rewarded two prizes at this year’s internationally acknowledged RED DOT Design Awards. The Vivlio Shelving System won in the category of “Living rooms and Bedrooms” and the Riviera Lounge won the jury’s vote in the category of “Garden furnishing, garden appliances and BBQs”.

Skagerak continues its good streak on the global design scene as it wins yet another two international prizes in different categories at the RED DOT Design Awards. The flexible shelving system Vivlio, created by the design duo Halstrøm-Odgaard, was granted the award in the category of “Living rooms and Bedrooms” and the multifunctional reinterpretation of the classic sunbed, the Riviera Lounge designed by Povl Eskildsen found itself on the top of the podium in the category of “Garden furnishing, garden appliances and BBQs”.

RED DOT is one of the biggest design awards in the world, with participants from 57 countries, 5.200 registered products and innovations and a jury consisting of 42 independent designers, professors and journalists from all over the world.

Besides from the element of aesthetics, all products are evaluated on a basis of a long range of criteria such as the degree of innovation, formal quality, functionality and ecological compatibility. Thus, only products which set themselves apart considerably through their excellent design receive the sought-after quality seal from the international Red Dot jury.

Previous this year, Skagerak has brought home design prizes for their indoor and outdoor products at the German Design Award 2016 and Elle Decoration’s Swedish Design Awards 2016.

About Vivlio Shelf System

Vivlio Shelf System is a flexible shelving unit that both showcases and conceals. The shelves come in three different heights and colours and may either present their open front to the room or face away to conceal their content. The different shelf colours can be combined with the frame which also comes in a variety of colours; the frame may also be turned to vary the distance between shelves. Vivlio’s colour options for shelves and frame create a wide range of options in a celebration of the flexibility and aesthetic of simplicity.

The Vivlio shelves come in three different sizes. They are available in Light Blue, Black, and Ash. The frames are available in Black, Silk Grey, and Cinnamon Brown.

Light Blue
(incl. frame)

Designer: Halstrøm-Odgaard
WxDxH: 84x34x29,5/32 cm

EUR 279,00
NOK 2.595,00
SEK 2.695,00
GBP 219,00

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(incl. frame)

Designer: Halstrøm-Odgaard
WxDxH: 84x34x29,5/43 cm

EUR 349,00
NOK 3.295,00
SEK 3.295,00
GBP 275,00

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(incl. frame)

Designer: Halstrøm-Odgaard
WxDxH: 84x34x32/50 cm

EUR 425,00
NOK 3.895,00
SEK 3.995,00
GBP 335,00

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Designer: Halstrøm-Odgaard
WxDxH: 84x34x29,5 cm
Farver: Black, Silk Grey og Cinnamon Brown

EUR 185,00
NOK 1.695,00
SEK 1.695,00
GBP 145,00

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About Riviera Lounge

Riviera Lounge is based on the original Riviera Sunbed, which can expand in length. Here, the expansion is not in length but in width, enabling the lounge elements to serve as a chair and table, a sofa or a level surface that will serve as a bed.

Riviera Lounge

Designer: Povl B. Eskildsen
WxDxH: 203x67,5x32,5 cm

EUR 2.125,00
NOK 19.695,00
SEK 19.995,00
GBP 1.799,00

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Vivlio Shelving System and Riviera Lounge can be bought at Skagerak’s retailers and online at For more information or questions about Skagerak, the winning products or the designers, do not hesitate to contact press and brand ambassador, Vibeke Panduro: T.: +45 21 64 24 49 | E.:

About Skagerak
Skagerak is a family owned company with historical roots in the Scandinavian geography and proud furniture traditions. The company’s passion for wood and its focus on quality have remained intact, as it has developed into a modern design brand with an extensive selection of contemporary products in a wide range of materials, created by established designers as well as up-and-coming talents. Skagerak’s vision is to create furniture that is ensured a long lifespan by virtue of its aesthetic and functional qualities. That is how they define sustainability. That things are made to last. That they age well and accumulate stories. In Skagerak’s world, good stories and relationships are what matters most, and they strive to design furniture that facilitates memorable meetings between people.

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