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The light has returned, and with it the chance to spend more time outdoors. Skagerak is launching three new products that enhance the spring feeling and help you enjoy a fresh new season.

Flux is a Nordic reinterpretation of a familiar French café classic, consisting of a table and chair. Jonas Herman Pedersen designed Flux as a practical outdoor set, and although the two are perfect for each other, they are also quite capable of standing alone or entering into new family relations with other furniture designs without losing their distinct signature. The materials are natural teak and electroplated steel in a muted light grey, and despite the obvious contrast, the two materials come together in aesthetic harmony. The chairs are stackable, and the seat is made more comfortable by a kink in the curved slats.

Jonas Herman Pedersen also designed Way: a dining table for both indoor and outdoor use that transforms the principle behind knock down-furniture into a quality experience. Way is easy to assemble, and the components are part of the design expression with visible joints and a distinctive transition between metal and wood in the table legs. The matt black tabletop is made of compact laminate, while the frame is made of steel and teak.

Tradition is a sofa system created by Povl Eskildsen – the designer behind the Riviera sun bed, which has its 25th anniversary this year, having long since earned its position as a Skagerak classic. Tradition is a brand-new, versatile system consisting of a corner section, a middle section and a table that can be combined, reshaped and extended to match your varying needs for seats, functions or space. The aluminium frame is matt grey with delicate slats in the back, a nod to the Scandinavian late-modernists. The robust, simple cushions in weatherproof textile soften the cool impact of the metal together with the low table in warm teak that you can click in place in between the modules or on the side.

Spring is just around the corner!

For additional information, please contact:

Jesper Panduro | Skagerak
+45 2535 5336 | jpa@skagerak.dk


Designer: Jonas Herman Pedersen
Materials: Teak and electroplated steel
Dimensions: 89x73 cm

EUR 649,00
NOK 5.695,00
SEK 6.295,00
GBP 575,00

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Designer: Jonas Herman Pedersen
Materials: Teak and compact laminate
Dimensions: 90 x 180 x 73 cm

EUR 1.699,00
NOK 13.995,00
SEK 14.995,00
GBP 1.599,00

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Designer: Povl Eskildsen
Materials: Aluminium and Barriere textile
Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 75 cm

EUR 1.149,00
NOK 9.495,00
SEK 10.495,00
GBP 995,00

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Designer: Povl Eskildsen
Materials: Aluminium and Barriere textile
Dimensions: 76 x 85 x 75 cm

EUR 975,00
NOK 8.495,00
SEK 8.995,00
GBP 849,00

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Designer: Povl Eskildsen
Materials: Aluminium and teak
Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 27 cm

EUR 599,00
NOK 4.995,00
SEK 5.495,00
GBP 525,00

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