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In many contexts, it takes about 25 years to be recognised as a classic. Cars, marriages, furniture? This year, Povl Eskildsen’s Riviera sunbed has proved its staying power for a quarter of a century, and it remains as popular as ever. We are very proud of that achievement. Of having created a product that has such a unique and durable DNA in its expression, quality and long history. The sunbed with its teak slat surface, which can be adjusted in length when needed, has become an outdoor furniture icon and Skagerak’s very own furniture classic.

‘Riviera has it all. It is both a sunbed, a plank bed, a coffee table and a guest bed,’ says Skagerak's shop manager Lotte Grebe. ‘For many Skagerak employees, Riviera is the first staff purchase. It’s my outdoor seat when spring arrives. Where my kids eat their ice cream. Where I stretch out on warm sunny days. And Riviera only gets more beautiful with age, as it turns a beautiful silver-grey.’

Riviera’s characteristic slats knit together to form a solid surface when the sunbed is pushed together as a table or slide apart to form a light and airy surface when the sunbed is fully extended. The same principle is applied in Povl Eskildsen’s new Riviera design: Riviera Lounge, which recently had its debut at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Riviera Lounge is an extension of the original expression and functionality of the sunbed. Like its inspiration, Riviera Lounge is a multi-purpose piece that can be used as a sofa, a bed or a combined table and chair. While the sunbed can be adjusted in length, Riviera Lounge expands in width. Pull it out, fold it up or combine the elements to form a uniform surface. That is the versatile principle behind Riviera Lounge, which thus becomes a platform for multiple needs and occasions.

’Riviera Lounge is an obvious extension of the original idea and concept behind Riviera, and we are thrilled that Povl Eskildsen continues to be a an active and current designer in our furniture collection, represented with both a classic and a contemporary and relevant new extension,’ says Jesper Panduro.

Riviera and Riviera Lounge are available in the shops in April.

For additional info, please contact:
Jesper Panduro | Skagerak
+45 2535 5336 | jpa@skagerak.dk


Designer: Povl Eskildsen
Material: Teak
Dimensions: 73 x 115/202 x 32.5 cm

EUR 1.299,00
NOK 11.495,00
SEK 12.495,00
GBP 1.099,00

Download the high res image here



Designer: Skagerak
Material: Barriere® textile
Dimensions: 66 x 221 x 5 cm

EUR 399,00
NOK 3.895,00
SEK 4.195,00
GBP 349,00

Download the high res image here



Designer: Povl Eskildsen
Material: Teak
Dimensions: 203 x 67.5 x 33 cm

EUR 1.999,00
NOK 16.995,00
SEK 17.995,00
GBP 1.799,00

Download the high res image here