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Lounge furniture that you can use both indoors and out, inspired by New York’s rooftop patios, Caribbean charm and L.A.’s cool but informal lounge atmosphere. That is the basic formula for Float, which was designed by Mette Skjærbæk, founder of the Danish wellness brand Karmameju. Mette designed Float some years ago when she spent several years in New York and often had many guests in her tiny flat. When Mette returned to Denmark she missed the informal but versatile and capacious furniture elements. Later, when she got a garden, she was unable to find outdoor furniture that matched the same requirements, so she designed her own floor-level modular lounge system.

After several years under the Karmameju brand, Skagerak acquired the furniture concept in 2012 to provide a durable outdoor solution. Thus, Float has been updated in both construction and materials to meet the exacting quality and durability requirements that Skagerak’s outdoor furniture has to meet. Float was therefore raised up from the ground on an electro-galvanised, lacquered aluminium frame, and the voluminous cushions were made in Skagerak’s own ground-breaking and patented Barriere® textile, which can withstand sunlight without fading and showers without drowning, and which is even resistant to rot.

’We are excited to see Float landing in its own, updated right after a years-long development effort to find the right quality materials, which are comfortable enough for indoor use and sturdy enough for outdoor use,’ says Skagerak’s CEO, Jesper Panduro.

Float is perfect for lounging. An informal sofa base that invites cosy times with friends and family. Versatile and flexible modules that you can combine to form a sofa or use as extra-wide lounge chairs with room enough for two to have a tête-a-tête. Outdoors and in.

For additional information, please contact:

Jesper Panduro | Skagerak
+45 2535 5336 | jpa@skagerak.dk


Designer: Mette Skjærbæk
Materials: Powder-coated aluminium and Barriere® textile
Dimensions: 110 x 82 x 86 cm

EUR 1.499,00
NOK 12.995,00
SEK 13.995,00
GBP 1.299,00

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