Discover our range of wooden objects – crafted in the same high quality as our furniture. From our classic Dania Letter Tray and Nomad series to our Bathroom Mat and Norr Carrier.

Dania Letter Tray/899,95 dkk
Hidden Mirror/499,95 dkk
Nomad Letter Tray/449,95 dkk
Nomad Pen Holder/249,95 dkk
Nomad Tray/369,95 dkk
Nomad Tray/299,95 dkk
Norr Carrier/649,95 dkk
Norr Carrier/699,95 dkk
Tube Candle Holder/299,95 dkk
Cookie Candle Holder/349,95 dkk
Cookie Candle Holder/349,95 dkk
Dania Mat/1.195 dkk